Hi! I’m Mojgan! The artist behind the Sparrow Design illustrations!

I was born in February 1984. I have had an adventurous and a bit of varied professional past. During high school I studied mathematics while I was yearning to learn more about biology and chemistry! Mathematics helped a lot to have a well-structured mind. However, I could never deny the fact that I was born to love image creation!

Thereafter, I got my B.A and M.A degree in graphic design in 2008 and 2011 which I ranked 1st and 3rd in graphic design department respectively. Meanwhile, I was working as senior graphic designer and executive manager which led to get experienced about the offset/digital printing process.

In 2015, I started another Master’s degree in System’s Design Engineering at University of Waterloo. It provided me a precious educational experience about interactive design for public large displays.

I combined different passions an experiences in a range of practices including illustration, surface design, and photography. My style is a colorful combination of eastern and western culture. I work in a variety of media including digital, colored pencils, pen, wood and also enjoy to create creative collage and decoupage artworks.

I currently live in Toronto and have a love affair with my family, my flowers, little birds, and kittens!